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Welcome to the home of Highborne - Tarren Mill EU

<Highborne> is one of the oldest guilds on the server and are currently looking to progress further in 10 player content, we aim to clear all raid content in Cataclysm.

If you feel you have the potential to be a part of Highborne, visit our forums to apply, or click

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startrail, Feb 2, 11 10:26 PM.
Magmaw down to 60% on our first attempt with a proper setup, now every body get a good night sleep read up on tactics, post availability in guild notes. Lets get this overgrown maggot down this week!!!!

Let it begin!

Ésme, Dec 30, 10 10:25 AM.
Well, after last weeks shocking end to our Baradin Hold raid (3%, bah!) we came back to have a crack at it with a proper set up.
No more 4 healers and 3 tanks, we brought the group quickly to Tol Barad to get this guy down!

SUCCESS! 1st guild kill on our second attempt, good job everyone!

Only to yield the shitiest loot imaginable (DK pvp legs, with no DK in the group, and Mage pvp legs, and our mage already has tier :<).

Anyway, after this raid, we farmed some of the trash in Twilight bastion for some trash epic's, and got 2 pieces for our efforts :D

Anyway, heres the picture of our 1st Argaloth kill, good job all, lets get some more of this!

Cataclysm Raiding, We has it!

highbornetm, Dec 22, 10 4:59 PM.
Hi all, nice little update for everyone :3

Today we tried our first guild raid! The original idea was going to be an adventure into Blackrock Decent, but as we're still in early days, we're still missing some classes (where has all the DPS gone?!?!?!).

So we decided to pool together what we had, and have a crack at Argaloth, the new raid boss in Tol Barad.

After a few wipes, and 2 of our 4 healers (inorite :<) respeccing dps we managed to get him down to 3%, before hitting the 5 minute enrage timer.

Considering most people in the group still had greens, i think we did pretty good, and a positive outlook on raiding ahead!

Also, we have started the DKP system, so all members will need to sign up to the site to receive any DKP they are issued in raid (this is being tracked by our good 'ol GM, Nagísa / Honeyz)

Talk to you all in game :D

Ésme, your friendly neighbourhood Palatank :D

Cataclysm and Raiding!

HoneyzFTW, Dec 16, 10 4:47 PM.
So! its been all of a week since cataclysm launched and many of our guild powered to 85 within a few days and the few keeping up fulltime jobs and only getting on in evenings have made it there in the later parts of the week.

We now have what looks like alot of 85's in the guild enough for a 10 man raid with maybe the lack of some healers which we may soon be recruiting for! on the subject of tanks we looks great we have myself (Nagísa) and ésme our resident holy paladin has joined the club of protections. and a few guild members with offspec tanking.

I think a week or two is all it will take for us to begin maybe taking a stab at some raids, depending on how the situation on healers is looking. some hard gearing is needed for the next week or so to be ready, and for some who are geared already really knuckling down to leveling professions.

an update on raiding days and times will be sorted asap,

Lets make cataclysm a good time for Highborne!

WoTLK Raid Clear-up

Ésme, Oct 31, 10 3:20 PM.
Hello all, I know its been a while since we've posted, as the guild is in readiness for Cataclysm.
That said, I thought i'd post some latest news on the raiding front :3.

A few of the guild have taken it upon them selves to finish clearing some of the older content, so we have everything cleared ready for Cata, and we can report the following guild clears:

Naxxramas - CLEAR (most HM's cleared)
Eye of Eternity - CLEAR
Obsidian Sanctum - CLEAR ( including 3 drakes)

Ulduar - CLEAR (most HM's complete, and I now have the Algalon key for our starcaller runs :P)

Trial of the Crusader - CLEAR

Icecrown Citadel - CLEAR (HM's 6/12)

Ruby Sanctum - IN PROGRESS

Almost there guys, lets get these cleared BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS!!!!111!!// 

See you in game :3

Ésme, Site Admin
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